Sunday, November 11, 2007


Just for a second there, I was left-brained. I was logical, detail oriented, reality-based, practical and safe.

That's right, I couldn't get the lady to spin clockwise! This lady, that is...

It was strange. I suddenly wanted to organize my sock drawer and check on our car insurance. Then I got the lady to spin the right-brained way, and went back to sorting socks by shape rather than color and promptly forgot where I left the car keys.

Yes, you can sort socks by shape. I bought 40 socks -- those socks that end at the top of the shoe, peds or something -- 40 because they came in packs of ten pairs, but not the ten pairs I most wanted, so I had to buy two packs. I mean, why couldn't they pack the red with pink stripes and the solid lime green with a pink band in the same pack?

So I have 40 socks that are all exactly the same, except some are striped and some are solid, and some have a band of color around the top, and some are green and some are pink and some are red. But it's not really like wearing two different socks, even though one is pink and one is orange, because they are exactly the same shape.

And this letter to the editor from the BYU newspaper really wants to be here...I have pasted it four times instead of what I wanted to paste. So here it is...

We are tempted by immodesty in fashion all around us; do we really need BYU students giving even more bad examples?! The front page picture of "fall fashions" portrays a dress that is too short by LDS standards (if you disagree, read the "for the strength of the youth" pamphlet or the honor code).
Or perhaps it's my subtle punishment for making fun of those serious BYU students...It's my first step on the descent into that lower heaven of sad people. Either way, I do not want to read "for the strength of the youth." Next week I promise to make fun of a completely different group of people.

Like those people who would choose to go to a school with this for a mascot...

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  1. Okay...I did not know his name is Bucky, and he did not look like that when I was at Bemidji state...


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