Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's raining today. It started raining early this morning, and we had light rain off and on all day. The dogs' pool (one of those 4 foot wading pools I use to give them baths) has some rain water in it -- maybe a quarter inch or a little less -- so we really did get some rain.

Which is most excellent, because I live in the desert, and more importantly -- it slightly flooded the backyard, so the dog urine is diluted and possibly washed away!!! I have been trying to flood the backyard a little with the irrigation occasionally to try to wash away some of that stuff, but apparently I do not have Mark's knack for completely flooding everything, even when I leave the irrigation on for hours.

The forecast is for more rain through Sunday, 70% chance of rain tomorrow. So all that nasty dust and pollen will be knocked down for a little while, and yards all over Tucson will be washed clean of dog pee.

Then we will have weeks or months of no rain, and the dust and pollen and dog pee will take over again.

Ooops! Somehow yesterday I did not post this, but saved it instead. Still, it's dated yesterday, so I still have a post for every day in November...

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