Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mojo is going to the vet today...

He is going to have another blood test for Valley Fever, and I hope it has finally gotten better. He has been taking the anti-fungals almost since we got him -- which has been 2.5 years? We got him Valentine's Day, coming up on three years.

After the vet, I will have to get Tess, drop her off, and then go back to the school with Zachary...The US map is really starting to take shape. The colors look great. Today I guess Zach wants to make sure the paint is holding up and paint a couple more states.

The first picture is what the map looked like before we started. Then in the next one, you can see how slow it was to use the power washer to blast the paint off.

In the next photo, David, Zach, Kenny, and Brianna (L to R) are painting, and the last shows our progress so far.

I think it will just take a few more sessions. I hope it will just take a few more sessions. The eastern half of the map doesn't have the old outlines of the states, so it will be a little more work to do those...they have to figure out how to draw the outlines on the concrete, and make sure they are more or less accurate-ish...

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Nice job Zachary!

    your favorite auntie


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