Saturday, November 10, 2007

Abe is very mellow...

perhaps it's the morphine. Or maybe he's just a bit traumatized. The bandage slows him down, but the couple times he has tried to run (I have managed to stop him so far, because he has not had his leash off since we left the vet).

He has eaten some -- about half the normal amount last night, and several puppy treats, but he didn't eat breakfast this morning.

It's very spitty twice a day now...Abe is getting 5 pills twice a day, and Mojo gets 4 or 5 pills twice a day. Stuffing all those pills down their throats is so much fun...Abe will be taking glucosamine and chondrotin for the rest of his life, to help his knee joint. Hopefully it will be as effective for Abe as it has been for Mojo.

Abe laid outside in the sun yesterday for quite a while. Other than that he's been laying near us, in Tess' room, in the family room, and in our bedroom. Mojo the big dumbhead that he is, has been jealous of the attention Abe is getting. Last night I was sitting on the floor near Abe and Moj kept trying to get between us, and almost stepping on Abe's leg in the process.

It would be terrific if he continues to be this easy to control for the next couple months.

Edited to add...I just took Abe to the mailbox, and he pulled and tugged and tried to run all the way. Plus he was jumping around before I got him out of the door.

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