Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Weekly Winners!

I didn't know dogs could take bad photos...Abe looks like he is blinking or about to sneeze or something. For an explanation as to why he has a loaf of bread in his mouth, check out the other posting for today.

We spent a couple hours working on Zach's Eagle Scout project. The map is coming along pretty good. Fortunately it's a low bar -- the people who painted the map before us put Hawaii upside down. As long as we the States more or less in the right places and shapes and sizes, we are good.

Zach finishing Illinois.

My dia de los muertos shoes...and a sunset-y sky. My sons and their friends thought I was rather strange laying on my back on cement with my feet up in the air taking pictures. I can see their point.

The sky just before sunset.

The pilots at Davis Monthan Air Base have been very busy lately -- it seems like there are more than the usual number of fighter jets out and about lately.

The thing you cannot see in this picture is the heavy rubber mallet in Thor's hands. Michael has no idea how close he was to a concussion. Thor is not to be trusted with hammers.


  1. Awesome photos! Love your shoes. :-) Anything for a shot, right?

    Abe is gorgeous. We had a pit bull that looked just like him when I was growing up, named Butch. He was some dog.

    THanks for playing my game with me! :-)

  2. I love your Weekly Winner shots! The shoes are tres cool.. :D

  3. Beautiful sunset!
    And yes, your feet, I agree! I would do anything for a photo too!

  4. The shoes are fabulous!! LOVE THEM!

    I think that doggie was smirking at you..wasn't that a smirk??

  5. Loving the shoe picture. Keep being crazy. :)

  6. I love your shoes! That's not a bad Abe picture, the brindle fur (which is my fav) turned out great!

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    I love those shoes, and it was totally worth being weird in front of my kids to get the shot with the sky.

    I do think mp is right, and Abe was smirking at me, because he loved his loaf of bread (which the other dog ate. Bad dog.)

  8. Love those shoes!! And it's a nice backdrop as well. ;)


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