Monday, November 26, 2007

I am knocking wood

crossing my fingers. and toes. not walking under ladders. tossing salt over my shoulder. Praying to the fickle gods of stress and cruelty to just leave me alone. Pick on somebody else. Please.

Mark -- goes to Kuwait for a couple months. I never realize how much I talk to my husband until he is not available by phone. I think I must call him at least once at a day when he's at work, and when the guys in the lab only have to stick me once to draw blood, he's the one I call to share the good news with...(I was always an easy blood draw until I started to need bi-monthly draws. Suddenly nobody can get a blood sample without three or four sticks...)

Abe -- must have surgery because of his bum knee. He was my one remaining shot at a pet that isn't a special needs pet. The one chance to not spend insanely ridiculous amounts of money on a dog. (Or a guinea pig, which is worse, really. Guinea pigs are only happy to acknowledge you when you rattle a lettuce bag or open the refrigerator.)

Mojo -- not responding to his treatment for valley fever. New meds for Mo.

Dad -- comes to visit and gets exhausted, we think, and has a health scare.

Now...Zach has pneumonia. Pneumonia. Why? I don't know. Where did he get it? Got me. I actually called the paramedics at 1 am because he was said he couldn't breathe. He was in quite a lot of pain. Then I spent all day today getting him to urgent care and getting his chest x-rayed and getting his antibiotics and cough med with codeine. (which is interesting...he mumbles about quadrants and inappropriate -- I couldn't catch anything but those words, and then later he asked me "who and where am I?" Zach stoned. Tomorrow he will hate that feeling, control freak that he is. Tonight he just wants to not cough and to sleep.)

Enough already. I don't need any other injuries, or sicknesses, or complications. I just want to sew with my mom. Make some pajama pants and boxer shorts for the kids. Make a couple of flannel quilts. Finish Mom's pajama bottoms.

Instead I will probably be calling the fire department because the Suburban is on fire. Or one of the stupid palm trees in my yard will fall on me.

I feel like I have an invisible target on the top of my head, and those fickle gods of fate are using me for target practice.

Oh well. At least life is not boring...


  1. Dontcha just hate when it all goes wrong at once? You have my sympathies and wishes for it all to turn around soon.

  2. I know how you're feeling. The past month (and even back to spring, really) has been horrible for our family. My injury, a death, and another injury all happened within 5 days. You start to wonder if there is some kind of target painted on your head or back or something. I once heard this joke:

    This guy gets up and goes to work and finds out he's fired. On the way home he gets a flat tire and gets all dirty changing it. When he gets to his house, he accidentally runs over his own dog. He gets inside and catches his wife with the neighbor. She announces that she is leaving him and taking the kids and all his money. In an act of utter despair, the man throws himself on his knees and screams, "Why God??? Why are you doing this to me???" A deep booming voice answers, "I don't know...something about you just pisses me off."

    I know that's how it feels. The only way I've gotten through all this without going utterly insane (or picking up the smokes again) is just appreciate as much as I can. My accident WAS horrible - but it's just my knee when it could have been my back, neck, or head. The death was really horrible, but the person is no longer in pain.

    I feel so bad for Zach. How scary for him and you. But think how capable you are to nurse and help all these people/pets. They wouldn't all turn to you if you weren't always there for them. People like you get special needs pets because people like ME can't handle it. You can do it.

    Wow - this is an obnoxiously long comment. What a shameless attempt on my part to get some home-made flannel pajama bottoms, huh?


  3. Thanks for your kind words.

    Amazingly, Zach seems to be recovering as fast as he got sick. He has a new girlfriend, so is really anxious to get back to school.

    I cannot believe I am having to make him stay home another day. That is very unusual for him...

    Tasina -- I love that joke. And that is just how it feels. Today the dryer mysteriously stopped working -- I still don't know why and haven't had time to check it out...then my Suburban was balky about starting...

    But it started, and passed it's emissions testing no problem. Then Mom and I went to Kohl's and did a little Christmas shopping, plus I found two new rugs for my kitchen.
    And we went to lunch at Applebee's, so it was a very nice break from the insanity.

  4. By the time I read your blog you had responded to tasina and sounded so much more relaxed --- hang in there --- you are loved and prayed for.

  5. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Keep reminding yourself "Dog valium is not good for humans."

    Today I had to interview some idiot doctor who told me a great (not) joke: What is an elephant? A mouse designed by a government agency. He thought that was hilarious, and then when he said goodbye, told me to enjoy my "nice little comfortable government job." I told him I'd be happy to pass his sentiments on to all my friends at the IRS. No, I didn't, but I wanted to!



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