Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have 37 seconds to post...

because my family is going to want food tonight. My Mom and Dad arrived last night! Yay! Today we went and bought a turkey - 16 pounds -- for eight of us -- Mom and Dad, me and three kids, and MIL and FIL. Will be lots of fun, and lots of food. And Mark, who will do the turkey carcass since you are not here? I don't want to do it...

Here is your moment of Dog Zen for today...How can a dog that looks so dignified and noble, regal and majestic in profile be such a complete goof and dork in real life?


  1. We used to have a HUGE black lab. He was originally going to be a service animal, but it was too cold to ship him to the training place so the breeder put him up for pet adoption. I cannot even imagine what kind of "service" he would have provided, other than maybe taking people for drags, coating all surfaces with slobber, make sure crotches smelled ok, and inhaling any crumb of food within a 10 ft radius. We now have cats.

    Your dogs are really cute - what kind are they?

  2. Mojo -- the giant black one -- is pitbull and mastiff. So he's got muscles like crazy, an absolutely enormous head, and the best attitude and disposition. He loves people.

    And Abe is probably pit bull plus about 17 other breeds -- he's a just a little goofy looking. When he sits, his front legs are shorter than his body so he kind of slouches. He's very hyper, and again has such a cheerful attitude. Everything is okay with him...

    I can't walk the two of them together any more, because I do not want my arms to drag on the ground (I think my arms are already longer from the pulling they have done. If you leash the two of them together and put a cat or a steak in front of them, I swear they could pull a Volkswagen.)

  3. We actually did try to walk our cats. Once. I can't even begin to describe what that was like. The braver cat just sat there and glared at us as we tried to drag him around. The 'fraidy cat kept leaping at the door to get back in the house. Perhaps a pitbull incentive might have worked. Although that gives me weird mental image of me dangling from a tree by two cat leashes while you desperately try to keep your dogs from treating me like a puppy pinata. Not good.

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