Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Very bad news for Abe today...

He has a kneecap outta place, which means surgery. Thursday, for $1700. Ouch. It's a congenital condition, it got really painful for him really fast -- he went from normal happy dog to not putting weight on that leg pretty much overnight. He's so cheerful, too, even when he is obviously in pain.

The bad part is actually going to be after the surgery, since he has to use but not abuse the leg for 2 or 3 months. This is a dog that leaps in the air when he is excited -- he can jump high enough to pretty much look me right in the eye. He is young and hyper and full of energy, and he and Mojo, our other dog, play insanely hard.

I have the feeling that we will be tranquilizing him so he doesn't screw up his knee while it is healing. I really hate to tranquilize him, but I don't know how else we can keep him from trashing it...


  1. Even though I've been branded an Anti-Caninist (that just seems wrong), I feel for you, your family and your doggy.

    I hate it when animals and babies are in pain, because I know that the only relief I can give them is in the tenor of my voice and the way I handle them. I don't think they understand the words.

    Hope Abe gets through it all right.

  2. Thanks.

    He keeps staring at me, and I think it's because he has been in pain.

    Fortunately I now have a bottle of little pain pills for him. I hope they help...

    Okay, since you have expressed sympathy for my dog, I will believe that you are in fact pro-puppy as well as pro-kitten.


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