Monday, November 19, 2007

Mojo ate the bread...

I was ridiculously irrationally mad at Mojo for eating the loaf of stale bread Abe had been carrying around (the previous posts for today explain why Abe had his loaf).

I thumped Mojo on the head, not hard. It's great. I can be all annoyed at Mojo, give him a thump on the head, and he interprets it as a pat. Because his skull is thick and rock-hard. And because I thump him on the side all the time.

So I can give Moj a thump on the head, and feel better, let loose the dogs of frustration, and not harm my dog's psyche.

Abe had his first Valium tonight. I came around the corner and Mojo was standing there with Abe's recently operated-on knee in his mouth. I hate this, because I love watching them play. It's like a steel cage match. It's the clash of the titans. It's like All Star Wrestling (this really cheesy wrestling in the 70's -- the grandfather of the professional wrestling of today. Vern Gonya. Completely fake and proud of it.)

The Valium seems to be working, but it's 11 pm so Abe would be sleeping anyway. We are trying to "help" the dogs play in a way that won't thrash Abe's knee. Not the easiest thing...

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