Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Weekly Winners

I didn't have much time to take photos this week. Family emergency and Thanksgiving and Mom and Dad visiting cut into my free time...

But I did get this photo of Mojo and Abe being rather disgusting.

And this one of the dogs in the cage looking at me rather reproachfully. They just don't get why I have to throw them in the cage as soon as they start having fun.

This is the tree in my front yard...

These purple color prickly pear are one of my favorite desert plants.

That's the color those prickly pear are naturally. We have lots of the green ones around, as well, but they aren't as pretty as the purple.


  1. All lovely shots again!

    What ever happened to the bread?

  2. Your dogs are too cute! And those prickly pears are so cool.

  3. Lotus...The other dog ate the bread. I was so disgusted. Abe left it laying on the dog bed and Mojo grabbed it.

    I am going to try leaving bagels out until they get hard for the dogs...I think the dogs will like that.

  4. First pic evokes this intense feeling of "ewwww" and "oh, how cute" at the same time.

  5. Oh I LOVE the first one!
    How cute!
    It's like doggy kissing.

  6. Such cute doggy doggies ;)

  7. Oh I love the dog shots, I think they are cute not disgusting!! :D

  8. Love the prickly pear - beautiful pics.

  9. I love the colors in the last two pictures! But two dogs kissing one another, I have never seen that, it's awesome!


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