Monday, November 12, 2007

Being the Mother of an Almost Eagle Scout...

Is really lots of work.

We spent another six or seven hours today on the map, including cleaning all the damn brushes. My favoritest thing to do ever.

The map is shaping up nicely. With the bright colors and the black outlines, it looks like a cartoon version of the United States. The childrens of that elementary school will be very happy with it, I think.

The bottom photo is a big pile of paint stripper scraped off the map. Why Zeke insists on taking photos of rather disgusting things is beyond me...We still have the photos of stuff Abe threw up. It was very colorful, since he was still a puppy and eating lots of vinyl toy bits, but do we really need photographic evidence of his slightly less than genius status?

Twenty four states are painted, and most of the outlines for those states. Pretty much west of the Mississippi is done!

Tomorrow Zeke and Brendon are going to spend an hour or so doing touchups. Then we figure another five or so hours of painting, another day of touchups, and the Eagle project will have landed! Hallelujah.

The best part? Whomever painted it in the first place painted Hawaii upside down, so we figure all we have to do is have fifty states sorta the right shape and comparative size, and we are golden. At least all our states are right side up.

This Eagle project has been very frustrating at times, and confusing, and hot. Today was not bad at all, probably in the 70's getting to the low 80's, with a slight breeze. Squinty sunny, though, trying to paint with high gloss polyurethane in the bright sunshine...

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