Sunday, November 04, 2007

Really really necessary?

The other day, I was making a right turn, and somebody from the other direction turned right behind me.

Then he sped up and got around me, in the short two blocks to the next stop light. I assumed he didn't want to be behind me on the long stretch into Tucson where you cannot pass. No biggie. Better than him riding my butt all the way...

So he whips around the corner, right ahead of me, then turns into the McDonald's parking lot. Um, what? You were jonesing for a Big Mac so seriously you had to race around in front of me?

Seriously, this idiot saved four seconds.

People are dumb.


  1. I know you're posting more than I am, but seriously, repeating one from a week ago?


    Great Pics, by the way!!

  2. Weird. I was looking at my posts, and this was showing up as a draft. I don't know why...

  3. Anybody else is interested in receiving a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFTCARD?


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