Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another online quiz...

I am a Nasturium.

This is What Kind Of Flower You Are

 You Are a Nasturtium

"You are more than what you seem. Outwardly, you are a confident person with just a little bit of a temper. Inwardly, you are someone who needs some serious TLC and attention."
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  1. I'm a Petunia.

    Furthermore, this deponent sayeth not!

  2. A petunia. Pretty humorous, Rip...

  3. said all kinds of nice things about petunias.

    Of course, I'm wondering if I take the test again, and answer...well..beligerently....if I end up being a weed, or something....maybe a fungus.

    And then the caption goes...You're an asshole, and nobody likes you.

    I get a feeling it doesn't.

  4. ha ha ha.

    I think the what kind of flower are you quiz would be much more entertaining and interesting if you wrote the answers...


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