Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I tried to take photos of the dogs yesterday.

As soon as I sat down on the floor -- trying to take pictures from their level...they both came and laid down facing away from me.

I did get a good photo of Mojo...I took him to the vet last week for a Valley Fever blood test. Dr. Laudonio called me yesterday, and turns out Mojo's titers have not changed. Which is a bugger, because we had already upped the does of Fluconazole (yeah, I have no idea if that is even close to right, but the bottle of pills is way far away in the kitchen...). And before that he was taking a different medicine that didn't really work either.

So now I am reduced to changing pharmacies, to see if a different maker of the same drug will budge the Valley Fever...

Dr. L mentioned how huge Mojo's head is. It is enormous. Must be that Mastiff blood he has...I forget I have extra large dogs. They seem normal sized to me...

But Mojo is doing great. At least the drug is repressing the Valley Fever. He has energy, he is happy, he obviously loves to eat. His hip is doing great as well -- even though he has that funky shallow hip socket, and the ball of his femur doesn't ride properly in the socket, taking glucosamine and chondrotine seems to be doing the job. He doesn't limp, he runs and jumps and, when he and Abe are wrestling and playing, lays on his back and launches Abe with his hind legs.

Abe and Mo are not playing and wrestling right now. It's so weird...Abe is so quiet. I think his leg must still be hurting, but he is starting to get more energy. I will probably be getting that Valium prescription for Abe filled pretty soon.

He's done with the morphine-type pain killer, and is now only on the puppy Tylenol. And chondrotine/glucosamine forever, because it can help his knee joint. He will have problems with arthritis and joint pain. I hope the cold weather in Alaska isn't too hard on his knee. Guess we will find out.

This is the last day for Abe's bandage. Tomorrow he goes to the vet and has the bandage and sutures removed. He's gonna look goofy -- I don't know how much of his leg fur is buzz-cut, but the buzz-cut starts at the top of his thigh...combine that with the shaved area around his knee, and he will be bad-haircut boy for a while.

Hey! Since Haley moved to SanDiego -- Haley has cut my hair since I moved to Tucson -- I am also being bad-haircut person. Abe and I are like haircut twins.


  1. I'm making the rounds via the Randomizer. Today it brought me to you. Poor puppies!

  2. Using randomizer as well... I have a mastiff/St. Bernard/Rottie mix who had knee surgery almost a year ago. I know where your coming from. We also have a rottie puppy at the time (she's 1.5 now) and it was like she knew that he wasn't ready to play yet. They just cuddled alot until he started PT.


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