Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A very bad mom moment indeed.

Today I got to laugh at myself...My son and his friend were going out the door, and because our dog just had knee surgery, he must be walked. It freaks him out to be walked in his own backyard, and seemed to be on a pee boycott today.

So as my son and his friend are out the door, I say "Zach, did you take Tess out to pee?"

Both of them look at me, look at each other, look at me again. I say "Well? Did you?"

Z says to me " No, Mom, I did not take Tess out to pee."

I suddenly realized I had done that mom thing -- calling a child or a dog by the wrong name -- at a spectacularly bad moment.

The dog's name is Abe. My daughter's name is Tess. Oops.


  1. That's so funny. I some times refer to my kids as, "you know....the little one" or "uh...the first guy."

    One day I asked The First Guy if he took care of the cats. Meaning - give them food/water and clean the boxes. He made a gun like thing at his head and in a kind of Mafia voice said, "you mean take CARE of them...or just take care of them?"

  2. That's funny! For years I thought my name was DonnaCarrieAmyDonna. I have two sisters whose names are DonnaCarrieAmyYou and CarAmy. If you throw the pets' names in, geeze, I had a really confused mother! She finally just numbered us One, Two and Three (because she could always remember our birth order) and pointed to us when she wanted one of us. Who needs names!?


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