Monday, November 19, 2007

Horrifying. Just horrifying.

Kohl's department store is going to open at 4 am on Friday, for the day after Thanksgiving sales.

Four AM.


I do not get this at all. Why would anyone waste prime sleep in time to get up to go to a department store, to buy crap for Christmas presents that people are just going to exchange anyway?

I spent hours at Barnes and Noble waiting until midnight to buy the last Harry Potter book, with the kids. I went to EBGames at midnight to stand in line for 45 minutes to buy HALO3 with Thor. Mark left work to go to Burger King to get the boys a Buzz Lightyear puppet. We can do the insane shopping thing.

But not that insane. Going to a department store at 4 am is insane. There is nothing in Kohl's that could induce me into wasting a rare sleep-in morning for some dumb sale at a department store. Not even if it was Nordstrom's.

(Okay, if Dayton's department store came back, and I could go to the store in downtown Minneapolis, possibly I would get up at 4 am. But nothing less than that could induce me to go shopping on Friday. Nothing.)


  1. I only recognize one 4:00 on a clock and that is P.M. I'm with you on the crazy-ness of the After Thanksgving Sales ... and they just seem to be getting crazier!!

  2. What bugs me is that I can imagine that these stores will start to open on Thanksgiving, like they do on the 4th of July.

    Bugs the hell out of me, because people don't need to go shopping every day of the year. Taking a day off to spend at home with family and friends doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

  3. "I went to EBGames at midnight to stand in line for 45 minutes to buy HALO3 with Thor."

    And you won't go at 4 AM? Pretty fine line to draw! What if there is the newest, latest, coolest (i.e. more Coke Cans) limited edition of the zombie game?

    I just read on the Yahoo front page that Neil Diamond has revealed that "Sweet Caroline" was inspired by Caroline Kennedy, and because of the Boston Red Sox regular playing of the song, it has once again become a hit.

    In regards to your post below:

    I'm certain that Mr. Diamond had something to do with your bloody banana (although, if your time sequence is a little off...and you got banana in your cut...maybe that is how you ended up with a bloody banana....nahhh).

    At any rate, I'm sorry for your poultry (not paltry) problems. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Last year my mom and I got up super early to do the early After Turkey Shopping. We did get some really good deals (got a portable DVD player for the car for $20!!), but I'll never do it again. I just wanted to see what the big deal was. Now if they start the sale a minute after midnight, I would go to that. I'm always up at midnight. Getting up at 4 am WITHOUT a screaming baby is just so wrong.

  5. Okay, Rip, if - no when - they come out with the next Gears of War, I am there. Zombies can wait until after breakfast. Gears, no matter what time I am there.

    I draw the line arbitrarily and subject to change.

    And I would not be at all surprised to find that Neil Diamond is the source of many of my problems, bloody or not...

    Happy Thanksgiving back!

  6. I dunno, Tasina, a DVD for the car for $20 is pretty good incentive, but this year, not enough to get me out of bed.

    It really depends, too, on who asked me to go. I would go if my Mom asked me to take her. (Totally safe statement, because my Mom is not into getting up early to shop...)


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