Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day of November.

Woot! I have an entry for every day in November! I wrote every day! Amazing. (Alright, I used the post options to change the date once, but that was because I was trying to do to much with too many windows open and accidentally deleted one day's post, and had to recreate it.)

I have noticed I have lost my ranty goodness somewhere along the line...I think I got too concerned about trying to not offend people. (Which kinda makes sense, because I occasionally offend people without even trying.) So I am going to try to get my rant on, let my crank flag fly.

And if you are offended, well, you can rest easy assured that at some point you have offended me or somebody just like me.

And so let's start with the republicans. What the hell is wrong with those guys? Those ijiots running for president...Did they not notice that any comment in the YouTube debate that suggested getting out of Iraq was met with much applause...which means even the republican audience thinks that show should close.

Perhaps you should talk to some real life actual soldiers before you decide they are all conservative fundie idiots who are scared of gays and lesbians. (I can't remember who said that, I was too busy gathering all the bits of my head from around the room. It exploded from sheer dumbfoundedness...duh.) I guess what he really meant was that those are the patriotic ones, are the real soldiers, and any soldier that doesn't fall in line with that thinking isn't a good American.

I guess that makes me a really horrible American then, because I think being an American means you are supposed to be able to do what you want, without regard to other people's belief systems. If you want to have an abortion or sleep with people that are the same sex as you, or buy used books off the internet, talk on the phone or send emails without them being listened to or read by a government agency, fly on a plane without those bogus searches that do nothing real to make us safe, eat junk food, smoke (tobacco or marijuana) in the comfort of our own home.

I do not believe that anything I do -- from eating junk food to getting an abortion to using various drugs recreationally to reading authors considered subversive -- can impact your life in any way at all. And what you do in your life does not impact mine.

/end rant.


  1. I knew if I limped my way over here I'd feel better. Your last two paragraphs could have come out of my head. :) Off to happy pain pill land now. I keep having to retype this cuz my digits aren't too functional.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog this month. I have gotten a kick out of yours this month, too!

    Congrats on completing the month!!

  3. Thanks!

    And Tasina...I hope the happy pain pills work!


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