Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

The turkey is in the oven, the cranberry-orange relish is tarting up the fridge, and I have everything I need for stuffing.

Family are here and on their way.

What more could anyone need?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Hope it all turns out great!!

  2. Wow, sounds like the perfect beginning to your Turkey Day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. My advice for today... eat too much, fall asleep on the couch and watch football through your eyelids, and enjoy your family and friends.

  3. I'm *A Grown-Up*'s mother. She shared you blog with me. I love the idea that someone else had cranberry-orange relish. I have our family recipe on my blog. It has pineapple and nuts in it. The only one I found that has nuts and pineapples. Drop in some time. :)


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