Sunday, November 18, 2007

Abe and the stale loaf of bread.

We locked Abe in the cage today when we went to church. As usual, the bedroom doors were closed, so Mojo could be in the kitchen, family room and living room. And as usual, the kids forgot to take the garbage out.

But unlike the way it usually happens, Mojo found a very hard, very stale loaf of bread the kids had thrown away, and stopped digging in the garbage bag. (Usually there are coffee grounds and wrappers and meat wrappings and stuff all over the place.)

So when we walked in, we saw the loaf of bread on the floor and thought Mojo had gotten the bread that my friend Vickie had given us the day before -- a wonderful homemade honey wheat bread...

So we were very happy when we saw the garbage bag on the kitchen floor, and Vickie's bread intact on the counter.

We let Abe out of the cage. For the last four hours, he has had that loaf of bread right next to him. Everywhere Abe goes, he has that chunk of bread in his mouth.

he has just wandered into my bedroom and is growling at Mojo through the loaf of bread. Weird dog.


  1. Aww, he's so cute, I want to give him loafs of bread every day!

  2. Yeah, he is getting bread crumbs all over the house. I will have to vacuum last thing before bed.

    But he is so cute with that dumb loaf of bread hanging out of his mouth, I can't take it away from him...


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