Saturday, November 24, 2007

The kids...

love stuffing. On Thanksgiving, I filled this casserole

with stuffing. Completely full. A lot of stuffing.

After dinner, I shoved the leftover stuffing to the side, and put the leftover mashed potatoes in it...about 1/3 of it was stuffing. Tonight, there is nothing but potato left. In fact, there is a little undercut in the potatoes where they dug the last of the stuffing out from under...

There are maybe four bits of celery in there, because they are not crazy about celery. But that is all that is left to show there was any stuffing in there at all.

They had stuffing for breakfast and lunch and dinner. They ate stuffing at every possible moment, until it was gone. Fortunately I remembered to tell them not to eat the mashed potatoes, because tomorrow we are having shepherd's pie with the leftover mashed potatoes on top.

I guess I should make stuffing more often...but it's not really something that is yummy when it is 107 degrees outside. It's just not a terrific hot weather food...


  1. But if you made it all the time it wouldn't be special anymore and wouldn't get eaten like that and you would have lots of leftovers... or not. I, personally, could eat stuffing any time, any dat. Yummy.Yummy.Yummy.

  2. My insane kids won't eat stuffing. I tried to explain how good it is, but quickly realized that what they don't eat just leaves more for me! ;)

  3. I tried the reverse with my kids, telling them ice cream and chocolate are disgusting...

    They never believe anything I say.


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