Friday, November 16, 2007

I am now allergic to Arizona.

I had a two year run with almost no allergies. It was wonderful. It was fantastic. It is over.

I have now become allergic to stuff here. The last three or four days I have had a nagging nasty headache all day, mostly around my right eye. It feels dry, and like it is being pushed out of my skull by the sinus pressure. Probably lucky thing I wear glasses, so when it finally pops out it won't go rolling across the floor. That went a little dark there. Huh.

It's very dusty and dry here. It hasn't rained since the monsoons, and it's been really windy. So I think that doesn't help either. I need to get the swamp cooler running again.

Swamp coolers are humidifiers that dump water in the air. They are used to cool off the air and add moisture. We originally got one because we have lots of antique furniture from when we lived in the Netherlands, and the dry climate here in Tucson is so hard on it. The wood is shrinking and we feared that it would eventually just fall apart.

So maybe between the humidifier and taking a shower with a ShowerSoother tab I will start to feel better. Shower Soothers -- I love those things. I have a shower stall in my bathroom rather than a tub shower, so the menthol and eucalyptus vapors and the steam fill up the stall and while I don't think it really does a lot of decongesting, I just feel better smelling it. (Which is weird, because usually smells bug me, since I am allergic to perfume).

This is sort of rambly and pointless today...I guess the headache makes it hard to concentrate.

The downside of having the Shower soother in a shower stall is that those things get hot when they get wet -- and occasionally I stand too close to it and my feet get a little warm.

Or maybe -- oh my gosh -- this is the start of my Hanta Virus infection...

Never mind that the headache started before I saw the mouse...


  1. You just may be allergic to Arizona. My allergist said that it takes approximately two years (18 months to 2 years) to develope allergies when you move to an area with 'new' allergens. And the worst part is, you old allergies aren't replaced their just added to! Hope you feel better soon... and no, I really believe it is unlikly the Hanta Virus. Although.... :)

  2. I know it's not the Hanta Virus. Probably. It wasn't even a cool desert mouse, just your common house mouse.

    Why can't I replace my Washington state allergens with Arizona allergens, instead of just adding new ones? That is so unfair.

    The cloudiness is supposed to go away tomorrow, so that should help...


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