Thursday, January 31, 2008

See ya!

I have big big plans for the weekend, so I won't be blogging. I know. I completely ruined your weekend (except for my sister, who actually will get to see me in person. Like ratsinlabcancer but louder and weirder. ) But don't worry, I will post stuff from my weekend! (I will use that little cheater Post Options button to back- date them, so I don't mess up my Blog365! Yes! I am insane!)

So expect photos and coke-snortingly funny -- I meant you will snort the CocaCola you are drinking all over your monitor, not that other kind of coke snorting! -- stuff from my weekend! Or at least hopefully mildly humorous stuff and pretty photos of San Diego!

So don't forget me while I am gone. Check out some of the blogs <= in my blogroll (and let me know if you want to be added to it!), and then go outside and pick up some trash so you can blog about it on February 11 for Sarcastic Mom's big event!

(I myself will be blogging about how I have started using shopping bags instead of paper and plastic grocery bags, complete with reviews and photos! It's gonna be huge. February 11, Baby.)


  1. Have fun on your trip! We'll miss you.

  2. Have fun with your sister! Looking forward to read the report!

  3. Have a great time.

    Hell, I may even post something on the weekend, since you won't be here to entertain us all.

    Of course, if you're not here, who will read it?

    A conundrum.

  4. Thanks so much for supporting the cause!

    Have fun this weekend! :-D

  5. oops, DA, I pulled the trigger...kono's anti-religion thing on the front page(and raybin's comment in it) plus the hierarchy thing, and deward attacking MS, were just that last little bit too much of intolerance and nastiness for me.

    I am just so anti-drama, especially now...Abe's bandage was wrapped too tightly, or it slipped and twisted, so his foot was injured. He's limping around on three legs now. I cannot believe nothing can go right and easy for me lately...

    I think this weekend with my sister and cousins is just what I need.

  6. No Problem.

    I will soldier on. I'm very pleased with the way that many people came out vociferously against Konopelli's trash.

    I absolutely loved Renee's line.

    I'm confident that the sanity might still prevail. Cali was funnier than all get out, today.

  7. Renee's answer was perfect. Could not have been better.

    I will probably go back, but I have not been commenting much lately anyway, since it's so nasty around there right now...Gaah. I have to pack!

    Tomorrow is February first -- you could post something this weekend on your blog and be done until March...flip. flip. (ooh, here those calendar pages flipping?)

  8. You'd better come back!!

    Especially after that outpouring of what appears to me to be real love and acceptance of who you are and what you say.

    Don't let the bastiids (including me) grind you down.

  9. Have a grand time in San Diego snorting Coke. We'll see ya when you get back. *smooches*

  10. I want both you guys back there as much as possible!

    As I look around over there, more and more, I am finding fewer and fewer people that I relate to.


    Even Curmudgette is barely posting.

    And I'm starting wonder how much we'll be seeing Madscientist considering how much shit that guy takes.

  11. Have fun with your sis... I love getting together with mine, and you're right, it generally ends up in peals of laughter until your stomach and sides hurt... then someone snorts and it starts all over again...

  12. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Julie ~
    The eagle photos were passed on to me today and I would like your permission to use one for the cover of a little magazine I edit. Please email me at
    The magazine is the Universalist Herald. See
    Please get back to me soon.
    Rich Koster
    Winterset, Iowa


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