Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If it's Tuesday, it must be..... .... ..... .......Tree Tuesday!

I asked Thor for a word that starts with T, and he said "Tree." (Actually he said "thing" first, but I told him I needed a word that starts with the "t" sound not the "th"...)

So it's Tree Tuesday. Which means I will be posting photos of Trees. (It could be worse...he could have said "telephone poles" and that really could be profoundly boring)...

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen -- May I present, the Tree!

I use trees to frame stuff sometimes...It makes the photo more interesting, and it's easy.

Trees in the monsoon rains.

Trees in the way of a decent sunset...

Close up of a dead Joshua Tree...or a tree that saw us coming and decided to play dead.

Minnesota has real trees. Not like these stunted mesquites and unnatural unnative palms.

Another dead tree. Arizona is really hard on trees, apparently...

Palm tree, up close.

Trees can be really fun...here is Mark on a zip line in the tree tops in Ketchikan, Alaska (I looked for a photo of me on the zip line, Mark, but I seem to have misplaced them...they are in the external hard drive but not categorized and sorted on Picasa.) That tiny little red speck -- follow the lines back -- is Mark.

And the Dungenes Spit, on Washington's coast, has tons of driftwood. More dead trees. Zach says this photo of him looks like one of those teen runaway public service announcements.


  1. What an interesting collection of pictures. And aren't you glad he didn't say "tornado"? Or teeth?

  2. Those pictures are really interesting. Especially the one of the Joshua Tree. I hadn't heard of them before.

  3. Maybe next week, Tasina...Teeth, I could do. We have a photo of Thor standing with a toothbrush in one hand and a tooth in the other...I was rather vigorously "helping" him brush his teeth, and I had forgotten he had a loose tooth. Yup. I brushed his loose tooth right out of his head.

    We actually have lots of tooth adventures...huh. I guess I know what next Tuesday's topic will be...

  4. Thanks, solomon broad...Joshua Trees are pretty cool, although not the kind of thing you want to curl up against with a good book, since like everything else in the desert very spiky and spiny...

  5. You killed me with "a tree that saw us coming and played dead."


  6. Oh I loved walking on the Spit in WA. thanks for that shot.

  7. Thanks, DA...

    And robinella...the Pacific coast in Washington is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. We have spent so much time there when our kids were younger...I am very anxious to move this summer, from Tucson to Anchorage, so that we are once again able to be on the beaches of the Pacific.

  8. Tree Tuesday that is a pretty good theme to have.. shame that it is Wednesday here!!! hehehehehe

    cheers Kim

    ps.thanks for your comment on the "storm in a t-shirt" post..

  9. Thanks, Kim. Next week Tuesday's theme will be teeth, thanks to Tasina.

    Anyone have any suggestions for future "If it's Tuesday, it must be.... ... .... ......_______ Tuesday!"?

  10. That is such a great idea for a post! I love your pictures, and I am looking forward to the ones you'll make with your new camera! We are going to buy one too, I think that's very exiting!

  11. Temptation Tuesday.....
    terrific tuesday
    tuneful tuesday

    tadaa it's tuesday

    gah it really is wednesday here hehehe 6.43 pm wednesday evening..


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