Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Great Unveiling....

Last weekend I got new glasses.

They are green. They have wider plastic frames. My old ones were copper and wire rims. And bent, from Mojo smacking his enormous dog head into them repeatedly.

I have tried a couple times to take photos of them, but they were blurry. I don't think I was trying very hard...taking photos of myself is not my favorite thing. Here's a photo of Tess -- she is doing a pretty good job of portraying how I feel about photos of me.

But I did it.

And since I have a brand new camera (YAY!) that I need to learn to use, I used the setting for multiple photos, and since it was flashing in my face, I couldn't help but blink and block the flash...

Eventually I got rather into it...

So there they are, my new glasses in all their glory. I love them! And they are very very comfortable!

Man, do I need a haircut...maybe next week.


  1. fan-tastic! I puffy heart them :)

  2. Love the photos.

    You did seem to enjoy it finally!!

    Haircuts. I was looking in the mirror the other day, and I said to myself "Damn, I need a haircut!"

    I can't actually imagine how long it has been since I actually had that thought!

    I have to keep it stylishly short for the 25th Party...and I'm growing my 80s Porn Mustache as I had during my wedding. And I have to send a Wedding Picture photo file to my sister-in-law, who is having postage stamps made with the likeness (she's a scrapbooker who is making the invitations.

    Your new camera works great!!!

    Except it makes Tess look grumpy. Must be the lens, right?

  3. Thanks, Dawn!

    Yeah, DA. It's the lens, because my daughter is the very definition of sunshine and light...Actually I get this look and several others like it pretty much every day.

    I did notice you posted little photos of yourself with short hair and a big photo of yourself with long hair. Huh.

  4. Great photos..Yay..I like the new Glasses..

    cheers kim..

  5. Like the green glasses. They look good --- what fun taking pictures of yourself and mugging for the shots. I've got lots of photos of my girls (Donna is one of them) looking like your Tess when they were her age. Fortunately they grow out of it. :) I've enjoyed reading you since Donna introduced you to me during the Nov. Blog fest.

  6. Anonymous10:51 PM

    What fun! Your last image now adorns the screen on my desktop...does that mean you're always watching? Oops!

  7. Love them :) you are so photogenic and have an infectious the new glasses and great pics!

  8. Thanks, Sandy! I hate myself in photos, so this was really good for me to do -- I made myself take these photos, and then decided I didn't look horrible...

    Although I really think I maybe shouldn't have posted the pouty lips one. That one is just embarrassing...

  9. Patsy -- it's really good to hear they grow out of it. I get that look waaaaaayyyyy to often from Tess.

  10. Love the glasses! Mine look kind of like that but they're black. Your eyes smile so beautifully!

  11. They looks great and they definitely suit you!

  12. Love the new glasses! I can't wait to see the photo shoot of the new hair!


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