Friday, January 18, 2008

Tess's school won!!!!

That's right, my daughter goes to the greenest school in America! This school is insanely green -- they harvest rainwater, grow organic gardens, have solar panels, most of the kids walk or bike to school.

And now, the school gets $50,000, and each kid gets an IPod shuffle with a solar charger and a year's supply of All detergent. So dang cool!!!

That's right, I get a year's supply of All, of course, they don't actually ship each of us bottles of detergent. (Good thing, because then we would have to ship a year's supply of detergent to Alaska...and we are not supposed to pack liquids. Coupons, so much easier...)

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  1. brilliant.. yay congratulations..

    wow a years supply of detergent! heheheh good thing it is coupons..

    cheers kim..

    an ipod for each student WOW!!!!

  2. How cool! Congrats to Tess and her school.

    Now you can spill lasagna or kill meatloaf men with reckless abandon!

  3. Now if it only came with a year's supply of dryer, since mine piece of complete and utter crap dryer is dead...

  4. WOW!!!! What an honor!! That sounds like an incredible school and well deserving of the prize :) I bet your daughter is pretty excited about that iPod shuffle ;)

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