Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saguaro East National Park, Tucson

More photographs from here tomorrow...But I am really very happy with these. This is the Tucson Mountains framed by Javelina Rocks (a rock formation in the park).

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  1. Karmafish1:19 PM

    Well, if you don't mind, Joools, I intend to use this space to ask of the Universe a question.

    Dear Universe,

    Why, oh why, is someone like Arthur Gilroy as popular as he seems to be in lefty blogostan? Places like MLW and pff?


    I mean, you and I both know, that he's a mean-spirited lunatic. A semi-schizophrenic asshole who does little more than rant utter nonsense and fling absolute crap at people.

    Bet on it!

    So, why do they like this guy?

    It's gotten to the point where, if someone does like Gilroy, I just assume that they're an absolute moron. This is a guy who thinks that a viable solution to the I/P problem would be to relocate Israeli Jews to West Virginia.

    I mean, c'mon! Can you get any dumber than that?

    And MSOC has him on her radio show?

    A guy who once told me that my penchant for internet acronyms (such as "ROFLMAO") is a sign of fascistic thinking.

    This makes sense?

    But aside from the fact that he doesn't have the sense that God gave a pepperoni pizza, he's absolutely vicious. Both ugly and mean.

    And on top of it, he's not even a lefty liberal. He doesn't believe in democracy or the Constitution of the US. He constantly demeans, debases, and dehumanizes those around him. And he's an authoritarian who believes that anyone who disagrees with him on any issue is an "enemy" that must be crushed.

    This is liberalism? Not where I come from, it ain't.

    So, dear Universe, why do they like this guy?

    I'm waiting for an answer.

    Why, damn you?!

    In the words of AG,WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!


  2. Wow, Karma. Great rant.

    I do not understand why he is being allowed to take over and be so rude and nasty. He is one of the main reasons it's so not worthwhile to comment there lately -- it's just not worth the potential grief. Weeps said he has met him and he's a nice guy, but I don't think a truly nice guy could be that vicious on line.

    I dunno. MLW used to be fun and informative and interesting, and now it's nasty and toxic and infected with idiots.

  3. Karmafish4:07 PM

    Well, I see that MSOC has finally returned to MLW.

    Unfortunately, she has nothing to say about why me, dhonig, Paul, Kane, and independentminded (sorta) have left... not to mention Miss M and shergald.

    That's too bad. I was hoping that she might say something... but I guess she recognizes a mine-field when she sees one.

  4. It's such a mess and minefield right now, I don't know what's going to happen and how it can be cleaned up...

    I personally find it repugnant that many voices have disappeared while AG continues to blather and be praised for his insane ramblings and rants. It is calmer, but at great cost IMO.

  5. Karmafish7:38 PM

    I miss my blog home.


    But I can't go back. Not so long as... well... you know.

  6. That totally sucks, Karma. I'm really sorry.

  7. Karmafish11:13 PM




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