Saturday, January 26, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday. On Saturday. The Abe version.

I used to have a photo of Abe looking rather deranged in my header, but when I switched templates that photo didn't work any more. It looked kinda like this one...
Abe is Tess's dog. He's very goofy. This expression here -- surprise and confusion -- is pretty common for him.

Abe with a week old bagel. He and Mojo, our other big dog, are really tough on toys. They shred vinyl toys, they eat rawhides in under an hour. They don't like hard rubber toys, probably because they can't destroy them. So we are always giving them random things to play with -- water bottles, cereal boxes, dried out bread. They particularly like those little yogurt drink bottles, probably because the bottles taste like strawberry yogurt...

In November, Abe started limping. He had a congenital deformity in his left hind leg and his kneecap was wiggly. Very gross. He had surgery. I gave him little puppy sedatives for a while while it was weird to see Abe not his usual agile self. He was finally starting to get back to normal, running and playing with Mojo...

Unfortunately sometimes dogs need a second surgery to make sure the kneecap is solidly in place. So this past Thursday Abe had that second surgery to tighten up those ligaments. He's not very happy to be back in the bandages. (As usual, he has a goofy expression.).

So this is my favorite photo for Friday. Posted on Saturday. Abe is asleep in my Suburban. Not like a normal dog, of course, but rather with his face wedged in between the seats...


  1. Awwww, poor dog!!!!
    Great series Julie!!!
    I like your new specs a lot, you look great with them!

  2. That first photo just made me grin. Abe gets all my sympathy for the leg injury. Give him a hug for me.

  3. great photos...the last one is just fantastic hehehe...

    the thought of knee surgery makes me shudder *ugh*..(even doggie surgery) I had a knee reconstuction done 10 years ago.. *shudder*

    cheers kim


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