Friday, January 18, 2008

I love Eddie Izzard...

Plus we have some exciting news involving Tess's school, but I can't post it yet...Soon, today, this afternoon, but not yet.

Edited to add...
Wow. That red is really quite hard to read against the gray kind of almost pulsates...

I use blogger, which has it's limitations...I am toying with a switch, in part because addresses are blocked on many military computers, which means Mark can't check out my blog at work.

But I love how when you hit the "publish post" button, the next screen says "your..."...crap. I have to save and check, because I can't remember. Be right back... ... ... .... ... .... ....
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...okay, I am back. you hit "publish post" and the next screen says

Your blog post published successfully!

like there was some question as to whether or not it would in fact publish at all, much less successfully.

Enough with the babbling. Now I get to find out if my blog post published successfully! It's the question mark, really. After almost 300 posts, it's just not that exciting to have another blog post published. Honestly, it should be something like...

You are getting good at these blog posts!

for posts starting around fifty or so, and then...

Of course it worked. You are a blog genius!

for the next fifty, and once you are over two hundred...

It worked. Again. We don't really care anymore. Do you really care anymore? I mean, we know you are going to switch to wordpress or some other blogging platform soon enough, so why should we waste our excitement and exclamation marks on you? Really, why?


  1. This is Tasina's comment... she commented on the original of this post, but I was very unhappy with the formatting. So I changed it and then had posted it twice. Tasina commented -- really fast. You commented seconds after I posted...

    This is what Tasina said...

    I sometimes think you're me - or I'm you....or some other existential dilemma as we discussed before.

    I ADORE Eddie Izzard - have for years....and so many people either haven't heard of him or don't know much about him. Too cool!

  2. So, yeah, i posted it, then edited it, then managed to post it twice -- the original with the funky formatting, and the second one, with better font size and color, and more blathering about the blogger message.

    I have no idea how i managed to make the font get bigger and bigger, unless it's not really. It looks like it gets bigger and bigger, which is not what I tried to do...but I am not going to mess with it any more. I'm not.

  3. Wow - a comment so good it got reposted....I rawk.

  4. That made me laugh alot and out loud. So true.


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