Monday, January 28, 2008

Bald Eagles in Eagle River, Alaska.

On Sundays they feed the bald eagles in Eagle River. Last week Mark sent me these photos. And yup, that is raw meat...

I am really excited about having completely new things to photograph...I am so "been there, photographed that" in the desert...

Mark was using his point and shoot digital...I am expecting great things when he gets his hands on my new SLR with the zoom lens.


  1. What awesome pictures.

    When is the big move?

    Thanks a lot for making me terrified of Noah. I'm expecting him to burst into flames or walk through a wall any minute. Although I think it would be really cool if he had that weather control power like Storm.

  2. The last week of May the movers pack up the house (not the house, everything in it...) and then we start the endless drive. Days and days in the Suburban with three kids and two dogs and two guinea pigs. It will be a miracle if everyone makes it to the other end.

    I would totally love having the weather control power thing -- it would always rain at night!

  3. OH, that is cool. I can't wait for the move for the pictures alone! (Although, I don't do cold, so me and Alaska wouldn't be pals.)

  4. I was trying to explain to a non-blogger the other day.. the relationships that we bloggers have with each other..
    I said that I was thrilled to have made a friend in arizona,, and that i was enjoying the lizards and cacti.. but that i was really excited about an upcoming trip to Italy.. (she thought i was going to Italy *doh*)
    she just couldn't get that I am excited about your trip to Italy..Because I know you will share...

    Just like the EAGLES WOOT ..
    cheers kim :)


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