Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Abe in the desert

Mojo in the desert, as well.

The dogs loved taking this photo.

A dead Joshua tree (? I don't know for sure -- a dead some sort of cacti in the desert...)


  1. Your dog looks like his knee has healed up WAY faster than mine. I'm insanely jealous. Also, please stay away from mysterious pods. I have a bad mental image of you shrieking and pointing like Donald Sutherland. :)

    Your Imaginary Friend


    You're Imaginary Friend

  2. Quitting smoking - while admittedly very good for my lungs - has not been good for my waist. I was fat before then too though. It's just getting to be ridiculous and unhealthy. I hate feeling constricted by my own body. I was never a skinny skinny person, but I just want to get back to something that looks normal. (REAL normal, not fashion magazine "normal")


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