Friday, January 25, 2008

Here's the space!

I guess yesterday I really should have said "watch the space that theoretically will appear just above this one tomorrow."

On to the blingage! I have been the happy recipient of blog bling from several wonderful bloggers that I have "met" lately. And now it is time to pass some of it along...

First one has to go to Donna (her blog title -- a grownup, really?-- captures exactly how I feel about the whole grownup thing too!) who was the first person to actually have a link to my blog in her blogroll! So this one's for you, Donna!

Tasina definitely rocks my crib -- she has been the source of much amusement, although she has also probably made people think I lock my children up in cages! Ooh, and some really yummy recipes, too. Her blog is part mom, part foodie, part insane!

Kim of the frog pond, and Veronica of the sleepless nights, are always interesting and funny and caring and lovable (plus they are the mum and grandmum of the ever adorable Amy) so to them I bestow this bling...

And Dawn, of Alex year one -- funny and interesting and kind of a kick in the pants. Perhaps even the seed that made me choose the green frames for my new glasses...

And last but definitely not least...Jientje of Heaven in Belgium, who takes wonderful photos, and reminds me with her stories of life in Belgium of when I lived in Europe, and who always has something interesting to say! the problem for me is that I am HTML impaired, so I don't know how to link these, or how to credit the bloggers who created them in the first place, or how to give them to you, other than to assume you will grab the image from here, the same way I grabbed the images from other blogs...If anyone wants to tell me how to post these better, different, the proper way, I am ready to be schooled!


  1. Awwww, what a lovely bouquet of flowers!! Are you sure I can take these home with me? I am so honoured, yes I feel like you, they LIKE ME!!! They like me!!! Oh, I never knew a virtual hug would feel so nice, it does, sniff, sniff!
    About the HTML stuff, I'm worse than you, believe me, I don't have an answer to your question either, other than perhaps e-mail this kind of stuff, I don't know? ???

  2. Oh thankyou so much!

    Also, the final flowers? For Jientje? I created them! I am so proud to see them pased on.

  3. Awww, thank you. Your blog made me laugh. I had to link to it!! Thanks for the blog bling!

  4. Jientje...we do! We really do like you!

    Veronica -- such cool bling you created! I will be passing them on some more eventually!

    And Donna -- I realize now that I made it sound like I like your blog because you linked to me, but I like it because you are funny and interesting and your family does things like putting a tent up in the garage for visiting pets...which we may be trying this summer when we visit my sister during our move to Alaska, since my brother-in-law is allergic to dogs.

  5. Yay thanks Julie.... I thought HTML was the acronym for hotmail oops thats how technologocally challenged I am.. hehehehehe

    cheers Kim :)

  6. Thanks! :)I need to feel loveable today! Do we get to see those frames tomorrow???


    My very first blog bling!!! I'm so excited. And I have absolutely no idea how to do any of that stuff at the bottom of your post either! I'm probably far too insane to even BEGIN to accomplish that task!!! Off to the cages with YOU this time!


    (j/k about the caging all you DCFS people)

  8. Kim -- maybe it is. I am really bad at this coding stuff.

    Dawn -- yes. I have two or three unfocused ones, so I will have to enlist my son's help!

    Tasina -- the cage I have is big enough for adults...

  9. I sometimes think the bling is what it's all about. Nice awards for you and lovely for you to simultaneously pass them along!

    Come on over when you can. I've tagged you for a meme!
    Big Bang World Record

    You don't have to play if you don't want to.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  10. Congrats on the awards!! Well deserved :) I'm HTML impaired as well :(


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