Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is where I live....Tucson, Arizona.

(that's partof Tucson all spread out behind the saguaro...there's a lot more of it you can't see in this photo.)

(note the distinct lack of grass in my front yard.)

Definitely brown and dry and dessicated landscape. Saguaros and other cacti, short mesquite and palo verde trees, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, coyotes.


This is where I will be living soon...Anchorage, Alaska.

Mark sent me these photos today...he took them yesterday. Yesterday in Tucson it was nice -- in the 60's, clear sky. Yesterday in Anchorage, it was 15 degrees and snowy.

A maritime climate, big trees, snow, moose, bear, wolves, bald eagles, snow, ice, rain, and some more snow. And Denali. The highest mountain in the US is visible from Anchorage.

Good thing I love change!


  1. It's going to be such a huge difference. How do the kidlets feel about it?

  2. Zach will be starting college (gasp!) and is thinking of going to U of Alaska Anchorage, and is excited about the idea of living in Alaska. No matter what, next school year he would be leaving Arizona.

    Tess is in fifth grade, so she will be switching schools anyway. She, I think, is most worried about wolves eating our dogs (I haven't mentioned lately how mean moose can be, or that there are bears around as well.).

    Thor I think will again have it the hardest. He is in a small high school, in the Robotics and Chess clubs, fits in well and really likes that high school.

    The kids get itchy feet too. They like moving -- they don't like leaving friends behind, but they love new places and adventures.

  3. about a drastic change! i don't know how you do it!

  4. wow.

    My MIL loves up there (I won't tell her to come find you :) )

  5. Why, thank you, Dawn...

  6. You must be a very courageous woman, moving from one part of the world to another like that! You love change?
    You'd better!
    Looking forward to that "next life"?
    I am?!!!


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