Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tess' big moment on Christmas Eve

(Click the play button bottom left corner!) We told Tess it was a minion gnome in the box, so once she got her gnome she wouldn't have to do dishes or clean her room or do homework. She kinda thought this might be Rock Band, but she also thought I couldn't find it anywhere. She was very surprised.

Tomorrow...the boys get GHIII.


  1. That was awesome! You truly are the best gamer mom EVAH!!!

  2. Gotta admit, that little look of realization was priceless.

    And one of your boys got it right in the audio..."Mom and Dad can fight it out for who is lead singer"

  3. And that is exactly what happens, especially when the song is Greed by Radiohead...if it's the 900th time we have to do Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, we fight over who has to do it. Cause that song is boring and truly awful.

  4. Creep by Radiohead, not Greed.

    Dang your unions question. Now my head is full of corporate greed ranty thoughts again, DA.


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