Sunday, January 13, 2008

weekly winners.

As always, thank you Lotus!

Midleap. (I know, I posted this last week. But I just love it!)

It's almost a Verizon ad. Just two palms short...

Summer, 2005. January 2008. Same kids. Same cactus. Three years.
Thor, Tess, Zach (and Dad)...I just made the kids go stand by the cactus again...I think this is their default pose for having their picture taken together.

Under the palm.

Javelina Rocks. Saguaro National Park, Tucson

Tess and Dad on the rocks.

Seriously. Don't cross her. (I just noticed the weird angle of Tess's arm -- it looks like she is just looking on while someone out of frame punches Zach, but it's her arm. I love Zachary's goofy face -- seems like I have goofy face shots for him every week. The big dork.)

Thor's ponytail.

Beaver + ungreat camera = interesting photo
(The beavers have a window into their den. Two large wet beavers can really create the stench. Like wet and musky dog on steriods.)


Pine tree and some mountains. I don't know which ones. But it could be Cochise's stronghold...(edited to add, it which case it's the Dragoon Mountains. Maybe.)

A bird.

This is not my photo. My husband sent it to me tonight...This is Anchorage, Alaska. This is where I will be taking my weekly winners starting this summer.

Again I am breaking the rules...this is a photo from a couple years ago. It's not a weekly winner, it's a century winner.


  1. Definately the photo of the Century.. Brrr Anchorage looks a bit chilly..
    Those mountains look awesome.

    I love the cactus photo with the kids that is great..
    cheers Kim xxx

  2. How are you going to cope with the move from the desert to Anchorage? I am looking forward to the photos of it all though.

  3. I like that pic of the bird the way its sitting perched on that teeny little thing makes for an interesting focal point!

  4. A whole new world coming up for you again this summer?
    I especially love the midleap, the bird ... and that last one is indeed a winner!

  5. I love that last one. Pure joy!

    All of your pictures are so great. I think that beaver shot is very interesting, to say the least.

    HAPPY WW!!

  6. The cactus is cute and the kids rock.
    I like the bird too - all winners in my bloggy opinion.

  7. I really like "under the palm." :)

  8. Let's see....the bird on the orange cup rocks. The last picture of You(?) & child laying down is AWESOME. Do you live around where your desert pictures are taken? If so, it's beautiful & lucky you!

    And what a rockin' cool cactus!

  9. I love the photos of the kids showing how they've changed. And it is interesting that they organize into the same pose.

    I can't imagine Alaska after Arizona. Good luck with that.

  10. Lots of nice shots and that cactus is crazy!lol I have to say I like the palm shot the best though.

    Oh, and good luck in Anchorage! It looks beautiful.

  11. A huge change, definitely. I like change. I love Tucson, but not the heat -- I hate that you just can't be outside three or four months a year. I am very much more a cold weather person.

    happy campers -- yeah that is me and my daughter on our trampoline. And we live in Tucson, until this summer when we are moving to Anchorage!

    Thanks, everyone!

  12. I love the cactus photos!
    The bird is wonderful too.

  13. Wonderful!

    I love the shot of the desert. :-)

  14. Great shots! Boy, your kids have really grown, and I love that picture of the bird.
    Alaska, that sounds really exciting! And cold brrrr :)

  15. Break the rules all you like if it means we get to see great photos like that last one! Too cute!

  16. WOW!!! Very cool pics this week :) I love under the palm. It looks like your kids and the cactus grew :)

  17. The desert to Alaska? That's an awesome move!!

    I love the leap one - and the under the palm. Very cool!

  18. That bird..awesome..and the cactus..OMG those are all such awesome pics!!

  19. Nice photo of the kids with the cactus. They look great..the cactus is showing it's age!

  20. All so gorgeous! I can't even pick a favorite, but I love the whole kids/cactus thing to bits!

    Wow, big changes, indeed! Alaska vs. Arizona is a pretty big change, but I do hope it will be beautiful and that you'll enjoy it. With mittens, anyway.

  21. the bird on the orange cup is gorgeous!

    yes, the last one is a forever shot!

  22. The cactus photo is incredibly cool! I love to see how kids change. :)

  23. Love the view from under the palm. I'm a sucker for bird shots and pictures of family always are the best ones. I think cause you take them with your heart, not your eyes.


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