Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The boys' turn...

As promised, here are the boys unwrapping Guitar Hero III on Christmas Eve. Thor gets it right away, calls it a ransom note, but Zach I think is stunned and confused, because GHIII was sold out everywhere around here before Christmas.


  1. A ransom note. That's so funny. I may have to ransom one of Dylan's birthday presents next month. Great idea!

  2. It was really fun. The boys shook the box and decided it was a gift card, and I did a pretty good job of convincing them I was annoyed they had guessed.

  3. Karmafish11:37 AM

    Hey, Jools.

    I saw that photo of Dead Man Meatloaf on MLW and... what can I say?... now you're just scaring me!

  4. I want to see a picture of Dead Man Meatloaf!!!! Where is it???

  5. Karmafish7:04 PM

    Here ya go, tasina.

    Delicious Dead Man Meatloaf!


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