Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Psycho Bitch Neighbor

And, yes, by bitch I mean female dog...A couple of days ago, Mark and I were running a couple errands when my cell phone rang. It was Thor, very upset. It took several scary moments before he could tell me what was going on (in the meantime I was running worst case scenarios involving bleeding, choking, tooth damage, knife wounds, broken bones, and so on. All you moms know what I am talking about here...)

Apparently, the psycho bitch next door jumped over her gate and then jumped into our yard. Abe ran up to her, and then Mojo went all protective and Mojo and the next door dog started fighting. Zach had seen the psycho bitch run past his window, and ran out there to break it up. He got Mojo dragged off the neighbor, and then spent another minute trying to get Abe away from her. Abe is really reeeaaallllly ssssllllooooowwwww about figuring out when another dog wants to play and when that dog wants to rip his spleen out...

Mojo has a big scratch across his nose,
but otherwise he's okay. The neighbor's psycho bitch also seems to be okay. The neighbor is disgusted with his beast, and is considering getting rid of her, because she's a big pain in the butt regularly.

Also, this really is not a good photo of Mojo. He really doesn't look this moronic in real life, but the dogs were so worked up at midnight New Year's Eve and I couldn't get any good photos of them...


  1. Hey, people pay a lot of money to get contact lenses that make their eyes as blue as Mojo's right one appears to be.

    Sorry about your doggie troubles. My dad was right, bitches are the source of all problems (Just Kidding!!! Really, I am....AHHHHRRRGGGHHHH!!!!).

    I've started my own personal JABLOPOMO. You have (along with the aforementioned anxiety) inspired me. Of course, the general level of snoozing may be indicative of my soporific prose, but screw 'em, I'm wordy!!!

  2. YAY! DA every day! Terrific! WOOT!!!!11!!!1!1!!!!

  3. Karmafish11:40 AM

    Mojo looks like a sweet one.

    Not as cute as Fred, of course, but Fred has basically cornered the cuteness market.

    btw, I used to live in Arizona, Joools. In Phoenix, at 35th Ave and Bethany Home Rd.

    I never saw so many CircleK's!

  4. YAY! Karmafish is here! Again with the WOOT!!1!!

    I have liked living in Arizona, although I think the extreme heat and dryness has dessicated people's brains...

  5. Karmafish12:00 PM

    I don't know whereabouts you are in Arizona, but Phoenix is a strange town. I'm from Connecticut originally so I am not used to giant mountains in the city. I mean, you'd be driving along in Phoenix and suddenly the road would end due to Giant Mountain rising up from nowhere.

    Also, of course, I've never seen such insects in my entire life. Holy Christ, palmetto bugs the size of Buicks! I once saw a moth that, I swear, was the size of a bat.

    So, when are you moving to Alaska?

  6. I think we leave the last day of May. It's not set in stone, yet, because we are dealing with the military.

    Yeah, I live in Tucson, which is on a big plain between the Catalinas, Rincons, Santa Ritas, and Tucson mountains. The wildlife takes some getting used to...this is the first time I have had cockroaches, and the first time we have had quarterly visits from the exterminator. I really do like walking the dogs during the summer nights and seeing the tarantulas, although the coyotes make me just the teeniest bit nervous, since Abe is stupid enough to want to play with one...

    There is a pack of wolves, though, on Fort Richardson that has killed several dogs. So our dogs won't be having a doggie door they way they have here. Bear and moose and wolves in our backyard -- should be interesting!


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