Saturday, January 19, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday. On Saturday.

Still weird, I know. Why don't I actually post on Fridays, or choose a different name? I dunno. I like it this way.

Mojo is the subject of my favorite photo for today. Mojo is mastiff/pit bull who weighs almost 100 pounds. He is very muscular, built like a tank pretty much, and he has an absolutely enormous head. His head is as big as mine. (No, I do not have microcephaly.)

Mojo is a rescue dog. We adopted both Mojo and Abe from a local group. Abe was only a few months old, and was not mistreated before we got him. Mojo, unfortunately, had been neglected and beaten and starved. He was terrified of running garden hoses and the first time we raised our voices to him he practically crawled to us -- obviously he had been beaten. He was also underweight, and has always had a thing about food. When he is offered treats or food he acts like he has to eat it immediately and as fast as possible, and hates to get too far away from it.

He can look most majestic and regal. He is a very handsome dog, and people always remark on him when we take him out.

But in real life, Mojo is a big goof. He's dorky and klutzy and graceless. We have taught him to have a seizure on command -- he lays on his side and kicks and wiggles. We originally taught him "bang" -- we shoot at him (with our fingers of course) and he is supposed to play dead, laying down on his side. But because of his thing about food, he hates to lay his head down on the floor -- he has to take his eyes off the treat. So he lays on his side on the floor, kicking and wiggling and jerking around, his desire to do what I want him to do fighting with his impulse not to get too far away from the treat. So now, instead of Bang, we have started saying "spaz" instead. I know it's not very nice, maybe not so politically correct, but we think it's pretty funny...

Whew. This was a very long introduction to my favorite photo...It's a photo I think captures the true Mojo:


  1. I have a teeny tiny phobia about big dogs. I'm sure he's a big goofy angel, but he kind of looks like he eats toddlers. I'm just sayin'.

    I'm kidding. It's sad that he was mistreated. We think one of our cats was not treated well by his previous owners either. People can be so awful.

  2. Great photos.. I love my dog too!!!

    Now that you have created a theme and you actually have a following, as far away as Tasmania (Wow you are famous woman..) heheheh I seem to remember you saying you were going to create an avatar or a banner for our friday photo madness...

    btw When Do you leave for Italy???

    cheers kim.

  3. Tasina...i think Mojo could eat a toddler, I know he wouldn't. Or at least not all at once. Oh, man, that was horrible even for me.

    Actually, we are very careful of Mojo because, while he adores all humanity -- seriously, this dog loves people -- he's also very protective of us and Abe. Possibly also of the guinea pigs, but I don't know that for sure. We already know, because of the psycho bitch neighbor (the female dog that jumped the fence) he is not always friendly to other dogs. And he is very strong. Fortunately I am his alpha dog, so he listens to me really well.

    Kim...I will try to work on a banner or avatar, and start a blogroll or something for our weird little Saturday thing...

    We are going to Italy for spring break -- 10 days in the middle of March!


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