Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If it's Tuesday, it must be........'Tato Head Tuesday!!!

The "T" word for this Tuesday is 'Tato Head. This was inspired by the photo of Optimash Prime in my Weekly Winners...

So, with no further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the 'Tato Head:

Dracula (unfortunately he had to borrow Darth Tater's cape!)

Bunny tail

Easter bunny

Hold on a sec, I dropped my knife...

Just back from Disneyland!


This one is just sad -- poor little Potato Head has a Halloween costume that looks like it's a size and a half too small -- see his belly hanging out over the shoes?


Darth Tater

The studio.


  1. I was giggling quietly until the "studio" and then started braying like a donkey. LOL.

  2. I had forgotten about the Halloween and Easter ones. We also have a couple of junior Potato Heads, but only left hands, and I wasn't sure the internet was ready for juvenile amputee 'Tato Heads...

    I really wish I had a knife for the one with the top hat. I will be searching Tess's GIJoe paraphernalia for an appropriate one!

  3. Okay, so the bunny -- I put the nose on upside down and took a bunch of photos. Go back and look. I know. How could I possibly have taken a dozen photos before noticing the poor bunny's teeth were growing out of the top of his nose? Well, not really the nose, because I also didn't have the blue nose on it yet, but teeth growing out of those adorable chubby cheeks...

  4. OMG! Those were hilarious :) the last one nearly sent me off my chair!!!

  5. So, they don't make Mr. Potatohead (sorry...Tato Head...what a reach for a Tuesday T....Bwahahahaha) using real potatos anymore?


    Sorry to hear about the pup! Hope he's OK.

    My cat just costs me cat food and kitty litter.

    Cats Rock!!!!

  6. Zeke was surprised to hear the original Mr PH involved real potatoes.

    I do have a Halloween Mr PH for real pumpkins -- it's a little pirate hat, and pirate shoes and pirate nose and pirate ears and pirate mouth and pirate earrings and you get the idea you shove them into a real pumpkin and then he becomes a pirate pumpkin. Or she. I don't really know why a pumpkin would be a male, even a pirate pumpkin, because there were female pirates, right?

    I bet you can't use a word in one sentence as many times as i used pirate in that one...

  7. I refuse to comment on your Quaylism above.

    Your obsession with pie rats makes me think you might like Johnny Depp almost as much as every female member of my family. Now, why I would call them female members, as opposed to male members, when they don't have a members, which of course would be required to be members of male society, even though we do not require dues or I.D. cards for our members, which would mean that our membership would require some kind of identifier, which would be our members.

    Not that I'm obsessed with members, or anything. I'm close, but I don't think I made it.

  8. Nope...you missed by one. I used pirate 10 times in my comment, and you used member 9 times...

    Yours was much funnier though. And don't talk about how you have no huge vet bills. You will jinx yourself...

  9. hehehehehehe that was so funny julie.. you sounded like you had heaps of fun.... hehehe your comments are just as funny...

    I am cracking up here.. the spouse is looking a bit concerned.. hehehehehe

    cheers kim..

  10. oh fabulous ... I have one ...

  11. OH MY GOD! That last photo made me cry.

  12. we love the Spiderman and Darth Vader costumes! But we are geeks like that. Apparently we would be in good company, since you actually OWN them, lol. Great pics!


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