Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekly Winners

As always, thank you Lotus!


Saguaro struck by lightning

Never kick a Cholla


Stupid camera with bad focus sometimes is okay.

Cresote Bush

I love those faces...

Pincushion Cactus

Tucson Mountains (far distance) and Javelina Rocks


  1. *Note to self - stay away from chollas....whatever those may be*

    I LOVED the mid-leap picture. How are you ever going to switch from all the desert to Alaska??

  2. the mid leap photo threw me at first - I thought he was crashing headfirst into the next rock :)

    Great pics!

  3. Oh wow! These are really, really cool!

  4. I love your photos Julie. they really give me a sense of the desert.
    thankyou.. I look forward to experiencing Alaska through you and Your photos..

    cheers kim xxx

  5. You have spectacular photos! I love the mid leap and those faces :)

  6. Cool pictures in a hot desert?
    I love the (goats ?), they look so tiny and fast!
    Are you really serious about moving to Alaska? Oh dear, and you lived in Holland before too huh, must be exiting and at the same time very difficult to keep moving all the time!

  7. I love your photos. I can't wait to hear about Alaska from you!

  8. Jientje...yup, we are moving to Alaska this summer. My husband is active duty Army, which means we move every few years. We moved here from Holland, which was an enormous change -- from green and rain to very dry and lots of sage colored and dust...Moving from here to a maritime northern clime will again be a big change. But I am not a hot desert person (although I love Tucson except for the hot hot hot summers), I much prefer snowy climates.

    Midleap was fortuitous...the big horn was standing near the edge of the rock, and jumped as I took a picture. I can't believe the picture myself, and I took it! She was so casual about it, just walked to the edge and jumped. It is really amazing how surefooted they are.

  9. Really great photos. It looks like such an interesting place. The faces are really good. I like that big cactus struck by lightning (!) and the last one I think is my favorite.


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