Thursday, January 03, 2008

It's Thursday...

I got nothing, so I will finally do that meme that Tasina tagged me with...I must answer each question with an word starting with the first letter of my name...J...should be a cinch, right? Ha.

Famous singer: Janet Jackson. Or maybe that would be a better answer for the question famous person who happens to sing...

2. Four letter word: Jail

3. Street: in 21 Jump Street. Vintage Johnnie Depp!

4. Color: Some clothing designer somewhere has named a green "juniper".

5. Gifts/presents: Jewelry

6. Vehicle: Jeep, of course

7. Things in a souvenir shop: Junk! easy one.

8. Boy name: Johnnie. Duh.

9. Girl name: Janine. The name of Zach's car.

10. Movie title: hmmm...I am thinking of cheating at IMDB...Finished the rest of them, still no J movie...J...Jack...Ooh! Jumping Jack Flash! Whoopie Goldberg starred. That's two J's, Tasina!

11. Drink: Juice

12. Occupation: Janitor

13. Celebrity: Johnnie Depp.

14. Magazine: JLA...Justice League of America (So it's a comic book. Sue me.)

15. U.S. city: Junction City, Oregon.

16. Pro sports: Jumping. Horses. Or horses jumping over things. I don't know.

17. Fruit: Juicy. Juicy Fruit. It now comes in Strappleberry and Grapermelon, in addition to it's original flavor...

18. Reason for being late for work: Junk food coma.

19. Something you throw away: I want to say junk. But I have used that before. So Jello. I don't know why you would throw it away, but maybe it got all dried out and crispy around the edges, or it's lime Jello with carrots shredded in it, or it has fruit cocktail in it...

20. Something you shout: Just say No!!!

Since I have to tag somebody, I will choose Veronica and Kim. V and K should make interesting lists...


  1. *Note to self: never attempt to play Scattergories with Julie as she will obviously kick my butt*

  2. V??? Have you any idea how hard V is going to be?

  3. Jousting. And you are way more evil than me for dumping this on a "V" person. I guess we should be glad that you don't know an Xavier.

  4. Tasina...I left a comment for you on your imaginary blog about the "color" juniperm and scattergories is a blood sport when played with my family...

    And Veronica, of course! V is going to be a bastard to do. J was tough as well, and I made stuff up. Jumping. Horses. For a pro sport, and Juicy Fruit gum for a fruit. Vince Vaughn. Van Gogh. Vicious. Vanity. There. Now you just have to figure out how to make those four words answer all the questions!

  5. I'm sorry -- professional JOUSTING? I know they joust at Rennisence (I can't even get close enough spelling it for spellcheck to figure out what word I am mangling...and too lazy to try any further.) festivals,but is that considered professional?

  6. Juggling? Ju-jitsu? Je....hahaha....My mind is in a bad place....we need to let this go now.

  7. I believe you are putting in far more thought into this than I did...

    Jet skiing.

  8. Thanks Julie.. hehehe I am going to do this soon.. I liked how you did yours hehehehe.. johnny depp is sooo yummy...

    cheers kim..


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