Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First post of the new year..... ... ......

Wow. There's some pressure. The first post of the new year can set the tone for the whole year. A good one, and the posts will flow all year, you will be witty, and funny, sarcastic, bright, appealing...

Or it can be a train wreck that piles up endlessly. The three people who read your blog struggle to stick with you, and slowly drop away. You find yourself alone in a bloggy desert. Believe me, alone in a desert is not a good thing. I mean, sure, you can be alone in the desert, with your air conditioned jeep in four wheel drive, with a cooler plugged into the cigarette lighter filled with Mexican beer and fresh salsa, the radio playing Linkin Park, Elvis Costello and Louis Armstrong, gallons of ice water. Then life is not all bad. Although, I would argue, still too damn hot.

But alone in the blogging desert...you can scream and not even the cacti will hear you. You post mediocre pictures that feature cut off heads, thumbs and camera straps hiding the scenery, and photos of your own eye. You end up blogging about visits to thimble museums. You write words and read them over and over, make up imaginary blogger friends and write comments from them. Ah, but your blog is such a train wreck that even your imaginary blog friends will slowly back away. The imaginary comments fade into nothingness and lint.

Huh...I bet you are rethinking the first post of the year on your own blogs now...Maybe you are lucky and haven't committed a train wreck post yet...


  1. Thanks a lot for providing me with my first existential dilemma of the new year - am I a "REAL" blog friend or an "IMAGINARY" blog friend? Do I live in your blog or do you live in mine? I'm off to pout and read approximately a crapload of Sartre now.


  2. Or...we are actually both imaginary blog friends in some other blog. Perhaps we are actually Lotus's imaginary blog friends and live there. She seems weird enough to have thought us up, and cruel enough to have shoved you down the stairs for some added pathos...with the added twist of you AND my dog having knee surgery for some sychronicity...

    Just kidding, Lotus!

  3. *Snicker* I think you are serious - Lotus' mind is pretty insane :)

  4. hehehehehehe... When I stop giggling I am going straight back to my blog to read my first post of the year..eeeek..

    hehehehehe cheers kim

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