Monday, December 31, 2007

I got Blog Bling!!! Yay!

Veronica (mother of adorable Amy) gave me flowers! What a great start to the last day of the year.

My husband is fixing the floor, and set off all the smoke detectors. Slightly iffier -- fixed up floor! YAY! Endless beeping and attendant howling by dogs, not so YAY. But...fixed up floor, all windows wide open, fresh air pouring in on all sides...hmmm...just a more convoluted but ultimately good start to the last day of the year.

Thanks, Veronica!!!


  1. I'm trying to imagine how this happened. Was off a layer of tile...or...something?

  2. He was actually cutting laminate flooring with a saw. Laminate flooring that was on the floor, already installed, which is why he had to cut it in the house and fill it slightly with smoke. (Apparently the laminate flooring always smokes when he cuts it. Perhaps that is what you get when you buy off-brand laminate from Home Depot...).

    He was putting a strip of molding down where the ceramic tiles -- the kitchen floor -- meet the laminate flooring - the family room floor. It looks much better than the gape that was there before...


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