Friday, December 07, 2007

The Boneyard...

AMARG is the place in Tucson where the Air Force parks and stores airplanes, and where they cannibalize inoperative planes for parts. Mom and Dad and I took the bus tour of it today.

Lots and lots of planes. Lots of planes. 5000, or something like that. Very interesting, and amazing to think of how much money is parked in the desert.

One side is planes that are still good, usable, could potentially be put back into service. On the other side are planes at various levels of decontruction. They pull parts out for current planes, and they sell parts to other countries that fly our planes. AMARG actually makes $12 for every $1 they spend. Pretty impressive.

It was rather unreal to see row after row of planes and parts and engines and stuff. The guide, from Pima Air and Space Museum, was terrific. He has incredible amounts of plane trivia and facts in his head.

Oh, yeah, The Boneyard is the local name for the place.


  1. Is that at Davis-Monathan?

    I've read about it. I think it has been the "boneyard" since WWII.

    Aerial views on Google Earth are pretty cool.

  2. Yeah, it's Davis-Monthan.

    It's pretty cool to fly into Tucson and see the planes all laid out...I am gonna have to check out google earth shot of it.


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