Saturday, December 29, 2007

weekly winners

Weekly Winners, Thanks, Lotus!!!

Christmas at our house...

I couldn't wrap up the Guitar Hero III box and put it under the tree, because the boys would recognize the shape and know what it they got a photo of it instead. Thor got it right away (he suggested it was a ransom photo!), and Zach was confused. The kids were really excited about Rock Band and GHIII. We have played Rock Band for hours -- it is crazy fun!

The dogs got several big bones each for Christmas...

Mojo as usual right in the middle of everything...



  1. Very Cool.

    Now, you can all be in the band!!

    "Dude, I'm with the band."

    Just as long as you don't go all Shirley Jones on us.

    Glad you had a Merry Christmas, we did too!!

    (I bought my wife a HDTV, just for her, not like I'll ever use it for XBOX or anything like that, heh!).

  2. Great idea!!! "ransom"- lol! I love the last pic of the puppy and bow :) My hubby's company holiday party had the rock band game going the entire 2 year old went nuts on the drums!!!

  3. The doggy with the bow in the middle of all that wrapping paper really says it all!
    These are all very happy pictures, I loved them all!

  4. It's not until after the kids have had the toys for a few hours that I want to hold them ransom, lol! Great idea though!

  5. Not sure who's enjoying the Xmas presents more..the kids or the dogs?! Lovely shots.

  6. It looks like great fun! I love the idea of you giving them a photo first. How cool is that?

  7. Your Mojo is like my Sadie....has to be wrapped up in the middle of it all!! Love it!!

    Great weekly winners. Guitar Hero seems like so much fun. :D

  8. hehhehe It looks like a great Christmas was had by all..!!!

    We had heaps of fun down here on Christmas day as well..

    cheers kim

    ps. thanks for sharing xx

  9. everyone looks pleased with their booty ... love the last one of the dog in the bow ...bone all gone ?

  10. Aha, that last pic with the bow is priceless. :-D

  11. Oh man, I really want both of those games. They look like such fun, especially in your pictures. :)

  12. We used to have a huge dog. I DO NOT miss cleaning up after dinosaur bones.

  13. Mojo is just too cute! I like the "photo ransom" idea... just might have to borrow that once my boys get older! Great pics!

  14. Great photos!
    Also love the ransom photo idea...will keep that one for future use.
    I LOVE the last shot of your gorgeous dog with the bow!

  15. Great photos! Lucky Dogs!! The human and canine types!
    Puppy w/ a bow is very special!!

  16. My husband got Rock Band from me this year, only it arrived a day late (PS2 was not readily available, I was lucky to get it at all!).

    I just wrote a note and put it in a small box!

  17. Fun, fun, fun, and more fun! The last picture pretty much captures how I felt by Christmas day...

  18. That's a really good idea to wrap up a photo instead of the item when it's too recognizable I just might steal that idea from you! I have no idea what the rock band thing is. I don't have keeps to keep me up with the times. I wish I'd have a dog to give a bone too — my cat's not really into them — neither dogs nor bones.
    Thanks for your visit and nice comments! :-)


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