Monday, December 10, 2007

I am the best mom EVAH.

I was looking for GUITAR HERO III for the XBox 360 for the kids for Christmas...I couldn't find that, but I was in Target, and they had one ROCK BAND SPECIAL EDITION for the 360. (If you highlight the blank area, you can read what I found. Tess never reads my blog, but given my luck lately -- can anyone say uber crappy? -- I am taking no chances.)

If you don't know (and this is a highlight area again) this is a video game with a drum controller, and a guitar controller, and a microphone. Tess loves the drums. So I decided this would be fun for her, at least, even if the boys didn't like it.

The boys and Tess have been talking about GUITAR HERO III, but nobody has really mentioned ROCK BAND SPECIAL EDITION . So I wasn't sure if it was a crappy game, or at least not as good as GUITAR HERO III , but I figured I could buy it (because there was only one there, and Zach's school frowns on me calling him for things they consider insignificant, like video games...crazy people.) and return it if the boys had heard it was crap.

Turns out, it is the greatest thing ever. The boys are really excited for Tess, and want to open it now to make sure it works before Christmas Eve. Altruistic lot that they are...

Zach also immediately started telling his friends, to make them jealous.

I am the best mom EVAH!


  1. Wow, the best mom ever... that's quite an accomplishment!!! Congrats!

  2. I got a very expensive guitar pedal and software that allows him to mix CD's on the computer. Do I get to be 2nd best mom evah?


  3. I'm gonna be a grumpy curmudgeon here. I hate any or all versions of Guitar Hero or it's like kind.

    Warning!!! Minor Rant Here!!!Not intended as any personal insult!!!

    Tell the little buggers to play guitar!! Not push four buttons for the simulated version and the joy of the virtual audience.

    End of Rant!!

    OK, I'm sorry. You just hit a sore point. Whack me with a wet noodle. I'm a musician. I hate Karaoke too!!

  4. Thanks, Donna!

    Absolutely, tasina.

    And, Rip...does it help at all that two of the three kids are actually interested in and can sorta play actual guitars, and that my daughter wants to be a drummer? Actually, not wants to be, but rather is a drummer who pounds out rhythms all day long.

    Besides, Guitar Hero/Rock Band is to playing an instrument as Burnout Revenge is to driving. That is, no relation at all.

  5. hehehehe I love the 'highlight here' to read bit lol So funny..

    thumbs my nose at da ripper
    gna gna gnaanaa..

    cheers kim


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