Sunday, December 23, 2007

weekly winners

Reel of Christmas lights.

Bubble ornament.

Santa Banana and Spiderman. We have strange ornaments.

The tree, and a blurry Tess.

The Christmas tree. From underneath it.


Mojo and my arm. I suddenly feel the need to sweep.

Abe decides he wants to wrestle. Under the tree. Swell.

Mojo's eye. This strange photo is the result of trying to take a pic of Mojo peeking at me while I was laying under the tree.

Zachary with the tree.

I was trying to take a picture of me and Mojo. Mojo decided he desperately needed to lick me. Mojo licking your neck feels remarkably like he is ripping out your jugular. He has a very strong tongue.

Tess behind the tree stringing lights.

Tess and the lights.

And the best picture and event all week -- Mark coming home after being deployed for a couple months in Kuwait, and Thor and the dogs greeting him!

ps...thanks to sarcastic mom lotus for weekly winners. there are lots of wonderful photos here!


  1. The Santa Banana is so cool! The last picture is touching. Wish you all a wonderful Christmas as one big happy family.

  2. So glad your hubby is home!! It is the best Christmas gift ever.

  3. I was going to comment that the bubble ornament was the best picture. But then I saw the last one with your husband home safe and sound - hands down winner!!!

    Best Christmas wishes to you and your family.

  4. Have a very merry Christmas... and welcome home Mark. (I have that same Spider Man ornament, btw.) Love the pictures of the tree and the kiddos and furries.

  5. Love your pictures of the Christmas ornaments!
    Funny how you spend Christmas UNDERNEATH that tree though! LOL!
    So nice your husband came home, must be the greatest gift ever!
    I know you're probably very, very busy, but I'll ask you anyway. Please, please please, forgive me but I have tagged you with a Christmas Hoopla! It is fun to do, so please, please please????? It's on my blog now!

  6. Lovely photos.. *YAY*...

    merry merry christmas...

    I have had the nicest christmas *hic*
    I hope that you are as well...


  7. There is something on my blog for you :)


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