Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas is far too near.

I have made no plans. I have decorated nothing. I don't have time for Christmas.

I have to get busy and get some of this stuff done...I did make two batches of strawberry/blackberry freezer jam, so I have gifts for the teachers and staff at Tess's school, and I have quite a few presents purchased (actually I need to get them out of my closet and figure out who is getting what...and who has the short end of the stick gift wise, so I can get them something more if necessary.)

The dogs will be getting the giant beef bones again this year, but I cannot buy them until closer to the time, because they will find them and eat them, wrappers and all. Rawhides are not worthy -- Mojo will eat a four inch rawhide bone in under twenty minutes, and it only takes Abe about an hour. But even the iron jaws of Mojo are no match for a smoked cow femur ( I was tempted to say bovine there, just to try to bump up my blog's readability ...Junior high. Bah.).

Maybe we can manage to drag the lights out and start getting festive around here...Hard to top last year though, when we had a bright green blow mold alien wearing a Santa hat on the roof. Perhaps it's the blow mold gargoyles' turn. I wonder how they look in fuzzy red and white...


  1. Junior High Indeed... the cheek of them ...Ha.
    I agree throw in a few bovines,canines and equines and see if you can confuse them lol
    cheers kim


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