Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekly Winners.

[I can't get the new Weekly Winners button to work for me...I don't know why...Argh!]

Or...Julie put down the camera and back away slowly...

Edited to add... I finally have a minute to write about my week. I made 12 jars of strawberry blackberry freezer jam (amazingly yummy and pretty!). I made a wall hanging for an art auction fund raiser for Zeke's high school art club trip to Italy. It is inspired by a mosaic of a dog in Pompeii, Italy. We toured the Boneyard, or AMARG, where they mothball and disassemble old planes for parts (there is an entry about this trip with more photos below.). We ate Fudge Tracks ice cream -- it's an ice cream and a swear word! (Try saying it out loud and cranky. Sounds like swearing...). Mojo and Abe got dried out hard bagels to chew on -- Mo ate his immediately, and Abe took about twenty minutes to chew it up. The Christmas lights are up in force in my neighborhood. (Mine will be going up very soon, I hope...must enlist the children's help.). And I played with photos from the Boneyard, and ended up with some really interesting effects and shots (like the green and blue A10 Warthog wing sections above...).

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Do not put that camera down!!

    I love the one of Grandma eating icecream. It's a great shot!! :D

  2. Great Pics

    Is that an scrapped MX? Wow!

  3. Hi! I couldn't get the weekly winner button to work either.. But that's nothing unusual for me hehehehe.

    Great pics.. I am going outside now to yell Fudge Tracks really loudly..
    cheers kim.

  4. Judith Shakespeare10:38 PM

    The Only Thing I Know is...

    The ice cream shot is GREAT! Great pictures, honey!

  5. The ice cream pic is hilarious!

    My fav is the last one.

    My heart aches - I love those doggies! :-)

  6. I *love* the boneyard picture!

  7. I love that ice cream too!
    Great pictures..Egg Nog in ice cream? Was I seeing that correctly??

  8. Thanks!

    And yes, that was egg nog my son was pouring into his ice cream (vanilla, not the fudge tracks flavor). Then he stirred it up and it was rather like an egg nog shake.

  9. Dryers Slow churned (actually here it's Edys) is the best ice cream ever! And eggnog and vanill ice cream sounds wonderful, too!


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