Sunday, December 02, 2007

weekly winners

Today I took pictures of things I like. Random stuff, stuff around the house and yard...

This is my creepy pouting doll. I guess I pouted when I was little, so my parents thought is was hilarious to buy this doll for me. It used to push out it's lower lip when you raised the arm, but it doesn't do that any more. What a shame. It now sits with my murder mysteries on the bookshelf. Seems appropriate to me, although Mark doesn't particularly like it.

One of my most favorite stores...and the stuff you can get there. (actually, some of these books were on clearance, and some of them were purchased at a used bookstore. But I forgot to take a picture of that sign...)

We hit the drive-thru on the way home...Starbuck's is very festive this time of year.

This is the street I live on. We have various (and very non-PC) variations on the name. I don't mention them in public, because people are so easily offended sometimes...or perhaps it's because they are rather rude.

These are photos of my backyard. We can see a tip of the Rincon Mountains. There are mountains in every direction, but this is the only view of them from our house. Unless you climb on the roof, which we tend not to do, since it's about 1000 degrees up there in the summer.

The skies have cleared, the rain has gone, the warm sun is shining again. Everything is fresh and washed clean -- the air is crisp and fresh (what is this humidity? It surely cannot be natural. Air is meant to be harsh and sandpaperish.) The dog is happy, because he once again can sleep in the sunshine. He loves the sunshine. I hope he loves snow and cold and rain, because next year he is moving to Anchorage, AK, with the rest of us. I hope he also loves long car trips...

This is one of my favorite chairs in the back yard. It's a turquoise hotel chair (those bouncy metal things). I think my bright chairs contrast very nicely with the rocks. I hope they contrast nicely with snow, too.

This is a detail of one of the palm trees in my back yard. I really like this one. (The photo, not the tree. I am not a big fan of the palm tree. Too SoCal for me, I guess.)


  1. That doll IS creepy!

    I used to live in Austin, TX and a friend of mine there lived on "High Meadow" Dr. Jokes abounded. ;-)

    Nice pics!

  2. I think it's probably a very good thing that my Mom didn't give it to me until the kids were a little older. That doll could star in a horror movie...Daughter of Chuckie, perhaps?

  3. I have a creepy doll like that! That last one looks great in B&W.

    I lived in Fairbanks for three years. Fond memories!

  4. Look at the view from your back yard! I am so jealous.

  5. There's no way I could have a doll like that at my place. I'd always looking out of the corner of my eye to make sure it didn't attack me in the middle of the night. I'd never sleep!

  6. Hey, watch the SoCal cracks!!

    Tee Hee!!

  7. Secret Agent Mama5:06 AM

    Oh I love your shots, but that doll is super-duper creepylicious!

    Mmmmmm Starbuuuuucks!

    Secret Agent Mama's WW!

  8. Great shots, I love the bright blue chair contrasting with the stones.

  9. Yowch, the doll is pretty creepy. Love the pictures!

    Now I'm curious about the street name variations...

  10. The stuff you like is oddly like the stuff that I like... Books & Coffee, oh yeah. LOL

  11. That doll scares me..make it go away.
    AZ photos remind me of being at my in laws in Scottsdale. All..dry and brown and hot...then you have the sun, the pools the lack of allergies..
    GREAT photos...
    How do you drink Starbucks hot coffee when you are in AZ..I'd be having the iced coffee... Wooo it's 30ish here and I'm hot just thinking about it.
    I agree..the b/w of the palm is awesome!

  12. The doll is creepy. Of all the dolls you had, assuming you had more, why did you keep that one?

    Love the street name.

    Nice pics, good job.

  13. I have a couple other dolls, but none are as interesting as that one. Somehow it isn't as creepy in real life, just a sad little doll that was well-loved. Plus it fits on the shelf well with murder mysteries and creepy books and Stephen King novels.

    Okay, it is creepy. But it's my doll.

    Except now I am kinda creeped out by her. Thanks, guys!

    And the names for our street have to do with sexual orientation...

    As for the hot Starbuck's, it's only in the 70's now, and actually kinda chilly (for us, anyway) in the mornings.

  14. Great photos.. Thanks for coming over to my blog. Arizona to Alaska Wow.. but at least it is easier to Warm up than cool down...

    The doll mmmm the less said the better.... :o
    cheers Kim

  15. Love the pictures. Sure could use some Arizona warmth right about now!

  16. Barnes & Noble AND Starbucks... awww a woman after my own heart.

    Great pics!


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