Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekly Winners.

(The wonderful Lotus started this...Woots to Lotus!)

Crafts yesterday at church.
Frost on the car. In Tucson.

Snow in the Catalinas above 6500 feet. Fog in Tucson.

Very foggy in town.

Zach found his book about himself in second grade...look closely -- that is a drawing of a TV falling on his brother's head. Yeah, that really happened.

My Mona Lisa, or Tess as a crank.

I love the big sky and clouds.

Snow on the Rincon Mountains.

I know I took these photos a couple weeks ago, but this week I did some cropping and special effects on them, so they are new photos of AMARC -- the facility in Tucson where they mothball or disassemble planes. There are thousands of planes sitting in the desert.


  1. I like the spangly craft things. Kind of reminds me of the attack of those little fluffy things from the original Star Trek. I might actually do some pictures today!!!

  2. Tribbles! I forgot about Tribbles...hmmm. Maybe the kids will do some Tribble photos over Christmas break...

  3. And I think it would be great if you did some pictures...

  4. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Your photos are all excellent!

    I love the one of the mountains.

    (Hey, John was just in Tucson the other day!)

    The last one looks very cool - neat effect!

  5. those are awesome pictures.....I love the ones of the sky and fog!

  6. These are great shots! You even managed to get a good shot out of a frozen car, now that's something. I just love this meme, don't you?
    Thanks for the visit.

  7. those fog shots are fab!!!!!!! lol they do look like tribbles!lol

  8. I love foggy shots- that one is my favorite.

  9. I love the foggy in town photo! And the drawing of the TV falling....classic! I'll have to look for that blog entry ;)

  10. www.secretagentmama.com8:42 PM

    Wonderful pictures. So much variety - I love them!!

  11. Excellent excellent.. wow I love the mountains and the sky..
    the Black and white one was awesome as well...

    cheers kim..Your photos have really made me smile..

    T.v on his head 'ouch" hehehe well too much t.v is bad right..

  12. Thanks for all the comments...

    Thor is okay, by the way. No lasting damage from the TV incident.

  13. I really love them all, but the snowy mountain and the foggy one really stand out! Great shots!

  14. Wow, that last image of the choppers is really, really cool. Love the book w/the TV falling on brother's head. Hmmm, nothing like that could ever happen 'round my house. Tucson looks like a beautiful place to be; loved all of the mountain pics, too.


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